Manuel Irritier - Urban Barcode in Hong Kong, 2013


Kevin Cooley Controlled Burns 2013



Mt. Aconcagua
By Greta Tuckute



From the clifftop - Southbourne, July 2014

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Karen Woods (Seattle, Washington) Photorealistic Oil Paintings, 2014


Photographer & Artist:

Andy Lee

Part of the  "BLUE ICELAND"  Series

"Infrared and Iceland, a match made in heaven." 

"My first visit to this wonderful country and it wont be my last. 
Using a converted DSLR with a 720nm conversion I enjoyed waiting for those moments that if your lucky may come a handful of times in a year. In Iceland you may just have to wait minutes. 

If any of you are thinking of making the trip to Iceland be sure to give Sverrir from Happy Campers a call. There’s no better way to see the country than in a camper van.”

(元記事: andylee.co (westernshoreから))

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